Welcome to the Elementary Physical Education Wiki
Our Mission:
Provide CMS elementary physical education teachers with current information and resources that will aid in the transition with the new state standards, common core and CMS summatives.

Our team's first task was to create clear and concise benchmarks that correspond with the new North Carolina's Essential Standards. Our benchmarks are divided by grade level. We have also provided vocabulary and methods for each of the clarifying objectives. The methods are suggested activities for physical education teachers so your students can meet the requirements of the new North Carolina Essential Standards. Feel free to share your own methods on the discussion page.

Common Core:
Feel free to use these resources and share your own to help move our physical education programs forward.

Lesson Plans:
Do you have a great lesson you would like to share or looking for new activities to address certain skills? Use the discussion page to brainstorm different activities. Also, you can post your lesson so we can begin to create a database of high quality lesson for all teachers to use.

Fit Lab:
Share what you are doing in your Fit Lab and how these activities are impacting your students.

Discussion Page:
One of the most important pieces of this site will be the discussion page. One every page, you can voice concerns or questions so we can begin to create a dialog between CMS elementary physical education teachers. You can also provide methods and activities that work for your students. During our meetings, we would share innovative ideas, strategies, and activities that greatly enriched out own programs and we would like for the discussion page to be a similar forum for CMS elementary physical education teachers.