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CMSHPE Wetpaint:
Spark Family:
- Curl Up Cadence:
- Push Up Cadence:
- 20 Meter Pacer Test (Part 1):
- 20 Meter Pacer test (Part 2):
In-school Prevention of Obesity & Disease
NCDOT Bicycle Helmet Initiative:
Local Athletic Associations-
Steele Creek Athletic Association
Park Sharon Athletic Association
Olde Providence Recreation Association
Pineville-Ballantyne Community Athletic Association

Lesson Planning and other great Resources

PE Central
Promoting Active & Healthy Lifestyles
Discovery Education Deskercise
Essential Standards Guide:

Healthy Active Children Resources:

For kids and Families

Eat Smart - Move More

North Carolina Instructional Support Tools

Physical Education Crosswalk:
This document provides a crosswalk to show how the previous standards and objectives were rewritten, integrated, expanded, moved, or deleted in the creation of the New Physical Education Essential Standards

Other Resources

Parks and Recreation Home Page
Body and Mind Fun and Games
Jump Rope Skills
Brain Gym
Mental Energizer (Discovery Ed)
Bicycle Safety! (Discovery Ed)
Deskercize (Discovery Ed)
Jammin MinuteBrings physical activity and health education into the classroom
Physically Active Classroom
Hints for creating a Physically Active Classroom
Fit Families of America (health video lessons)
Adventure to Fitness
Teacher Toolbox (Activity Calendars, etc)
Get Sweaty (register to log in)
Veggie Encyclopedia

Picture Symbols

These are small pic symbols that can be used with your word wall or SPARK cards.

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